Alsancak: Can Yücel Sk. No:5, Alsancak/İzmir
Bornova: Kazımdirik Mh. Kurtuluş Cd. No:29, Bornova / İzmir

The first thing you should do in your room is to breathe in the Izmir air as soon as you open your balcony. Let the sycamore tree, a monument of nature, that can be seen from your balcony, drag you into a comfortable atmosphere... Carpet floor is covered in the entire room. You can reach reception services 24/7.
Experience the Real Boutique Hotel with Viva La Vita.
With Viva La Vita, you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time enjoy your stay in the heart of the city. You will experience the liveliness of the city and the calmness of the hotel together.