Alsancak: Can Yücel Sk. No:5, Alsancak/İzmir
Bornova: Kazımdirik Mh. Kurtuluş Cd. No:29, Bornova / İzmir

Frida Kahlo is the inspiration for our carefully designed rooms and common areas that reflect our perspective on our work. For this reason, there is a Giant Frida Kahlo painting made by our precious artists in all our hotels.
Frida Kahlo is an artist who inspires the masses with her perspective and stance. Despite a broken spine, the corset she wore for most of her life, and her wooden leg, she managed to paint. Despite the physical and emotional pain she felt, Frida never gave up. His strong character in every aspect has created a brave perspective for us in what we do.
Viva la Vita, which means “Live the Life” from which our hotel is named, is a very important work of art as it is known as the last painting by Frida Kahlo. Despite his deteriorating health, the title of this work is a tribute to life.
Our artist basically showed us that our life is free and flowing. We wanted to make you feel free and comfortable in our hotels that we designed with this feeling. We have included details that give a feeling of vitality at every point in our architectural designs.
We synthesized Mid-Century Modern and today's design approach in order to reflect the connection between the past and the future in our room and general area designs.
We have taken care of every detail of our hotel and tried to reflect our feelings about our work to you.
And we invite you to our hotels to share this spirit…